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  1. First Name Last Initial Matt B. Age 18 Date of birth? 08/10/2001 What department are you applying for? 1,3 Tell us about yourself? I am currently a high school senior, I love to play video games I’m on every day after school. I plan to go to college after I graduate to study criminal justice. From there I wanna become a police officer. Do you own a legal copy of GTA 5? 1 Do you have a working mic and headset. 1 Are you in any other communities, If so which ones? San Andreas State RolePlay, only about 6 people Tell us about your roleplay experience. I have been role playing for a little over a month now. I spent some time as a civilian. Most of my time now is spent as LEO in highway patrol. What made you choose CADOJ I was told about this server, I came to the website and just the website itself looks good. I have been looking for another good rp server since I do have a lot of free time and this one seems like it will be pretty good. Why should we choose you to continue with the recruitment process? I am a very passionate person for things I like to do, I enjoy Roleplaying very much so I am extremely passionate about it. I’m a hard worker and I always strive to be better. I am good at following orders from any higher up. We have a strict duel-clanning policy. Do you agree to follow this policy 0 Give us a detailed Role play scenario. Officer signals for suspect to pull over car Suspect pulls over Officer runs plates to see if the vehicle has been reported stolen, nothing comes up vehicle seems clean Officer gets out of vehicle and approaches suspects passenger side door Suspect rolls down the window as officer says “Hi, how are you doing today?” Suspect replies “I’m good officer how are you?” Officer: “ I’m good thank you. Do you have any idea why I pulled you over today?” Suspect: “No not a clue if I’m being honest” Officer: “Well sir I have you clocked going 91 in a 50 back over the hill there” Suspect: “Oh man, I didn’t even realize I was going that fast I’m sorry officer” Officer: “Do you have your drivers license, registration and insurance today sir?” Suspect: “Yes I do, my name is Doug Dumont” Officer: “Alright Mr.Dumont sit tight I’ll be right back” Officer walks back to patrol car to run suspects name As the officer runs Doug Dumont through the system he notices that he has an a warrant out for his arrest. The officer scans through really quickly to realize that Doug was involved in a hit and run on another police vehicle and then proceeded to shoot at police officers. Officer gets on radio: “Dispatch I’m gonna need additional units out to my location immediately, I have a positive ID on the suspect from the hit and run the other day. Get those units out here now” Officer waits about 2 minutes and then the additional units he requested arrives. All officers exit their vehicle guns drawn on the suspect, telling him to step out of the vehicle. Finally he complied and steps out, the primary officer tells the suspect to take two steps to his left and to back up until he says to stop. Once the suspect stops primary puts him in hand cuffs, and into the back of his cruiser. Officer calls for a tow truck to bring his car to the junk yard where it’ll be destroyed. From here the officer brings Mr.Dumont to the country jail where he will await his trial.
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